The "Actors Actor" has become a household name and will not stop until he reaches the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Roles such as Timmer, DJ and Curtis, Jas has entered the hearts of many and has displayed the depth of passion Jas has for acting. Those familiar with his work knows that he is an actor who's star only gets brighter, one role at a time.

Working with other seasoned actors such as Richard Gere, Ethan Hawke, Jim Caviezel, Matt Borner, Stephen Dorff, Taraji P. Henson has given him a versatile approach with his craft. Jas has been noted to be a chameleon actor as he is able to transform to any role given to him.

A directors charm, Jas has charm, wit, and enormous talent--this is because Jas is a man full of depth and natural talent. As a result, his work supercedes him and he is able to book the room each and everytime.

Latest Credit

Law and Order SVU- Surrendering Noah, Season Finale: When several of Johnny D.’s victims wavered about testifying against him, Barba felt sure that a pimp named Timmer would supply the final blow in the case against the trafficker. But, Selena, another of Johnny’s devotees...what happens next is unbelievable!  

Law and Order SVU- Undercover Mother:

Timmer, the pimp, is the man that is of special interest. Because of his conniving ways, Benson promises to help Martha get her daughter despite her fear and association with Timmer.

Undercover Mother IMDB page

BrookLove: Brooklyn columnist, Ian Bordeaux tussles with the thought of being an artist, or simply a sell out, when faced with a huge promotion. After releasing a controversial article, "Five Bullets that Kill Black America," his life and relationships take a consequential shift, forcing him to answer to his own mirror image.

How far does one go?

For Colored Boys: Booked the role of Curtis in this new web series about incarceration and the affect it has on the entire family written by Stacey Muhammed and executive produced by Michael Pinckney.

  • For Colored Boys Redemption